(#307) DTA is Open: Don't Delay Your Abundance Until 2024

In case you haven't heard, enrollment for our signature program, the Dope Therapist Academy (DTA): Manifest a Profitable Private Practice program, is now officially OPEN— but for a shorter time only! So what's in it for mental health clinicians, and why must they not miss the program in 2023? 

Tune in to this episode as I break down the components of DTA and how it can help therapists build a profitable business and lifestyle. We'll explore the BRAND framework: a collection of DTA modules designed for self-paced learning. You'll also learn what other resources DTA provides to therapists during & after completing the 12-week program.


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  • (01:29) What is DTA?
  • (02:13) DTA’s BRAND framework
  • (06:56) Is DTA for pre-licensed and licensed therapists with/without private practice?
  • (08:39) DTA inclusions: Access to portal, live coaching calls, community calls, Facebook community


Standout Quotes:

  • (07:57) “DTA is not just for people who want to open up a practice.... 75% of our students..., and/or if not more..., already had a private practice. So you may be wondering what makes people join? Well one, they're not profitable.... Also, people join because they never put together their back-office.... So I'm going to show you step-by-step in the portal, in a self-paced module format..., how to build up a profitable business framework.”
  • (10:43) “The clinicians that we're looking for are clinicians who want to take ownership of their abundant business and lifestyle; they want to become business owners; they want to see their bank account [in] green; they want to, overtime— not by tomorrow— build their ideal schedule; they want to build a schedule so good where when their season in their life changes, they can change their schedule.”


Resources Mentioned:



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