(#306) Unlock Your Business Growth: 6 Things That Could Be Holding You Back

Ever thought about what could be slowing down the growth of your business? Here are the top things that can stand in the way of your success and how to overcome them.

Join me in this episode as I break down six common trends that prevent business owners from growing or scaling their businesses. You'll be able to understand the impact of business coaching in developing your business mindset and leadership. You'll also learn how asking for help can be essential for your next-level abundance.

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  • (02:16) #1: Cost
  • (03:21) #2: Time
  • (04:15) #3: Lack of control
  • (05:42) #4: Fear of failure
  • (08:42) #5: Skepticism
  • (10:12) #6: Resistance to change
  • (13:02) What's in the Intentionally Abundant Business Club?
  • (14:38) How about the Intentionally Abundant Business Conference?


Standout Quotes:

  • (05:02) "A lot of times, people don't even realize... that if you truly read a book, took a course, or invested in a program, and you learned everything there was about 'the thing' that you were taught— is it showing up and being implemented in your business?"
  • (08:20) "At the end of the day, in order for me to understand my business and run it efficiently and effectively, I need to get help by somebody who's 8 to 10 steps ahead of me..., meaning you're always evolving and potentially getting a different coach at different levels."
  • (10:03) "As a business owner, your goal should be to invest in time. Collapse the timeline by getting help."
  • (11:52) "Ask yourself this question, 'How much longer am I willing to wait to win?' Because you're putting your winning, your abundance…, on pause because you're deciding to stay content."


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