(#301) Warning: These 3 Things Could Close Your Business in 2023 - Here's What You Need to Know

Ever wondered why some business operations fail? Here are common reasons why businesses close down.

Join me in this episode as we explore three things that potentially close your business and the foundations you should put in place to keep your doors open. You'll be able to learn the importance of creating a structure for your business, developing a solid business plan, and delivering value to your target audience.

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  • (03:17) #1: Lack of structure
  • (04:48) #2: Lack of 5-year business plan
  • (07:58) #3: Lack of value
  • (11:31) Why attend the Intentionally Abundant Business Conference?


Standout Quotes:

  • (04:33) “If you don't have [structure] in place, at least sit down and ask yourself, ‘What do I want my business to look like at the end of 12 months? And then what are the... systems that I need to get in place in order for that to happen?’”
  • (06:22) “The goal in five years, I hope for your business, is to start scaling..., which means that you've got to hire help, but who do you hire? That should be in your 5-year plan; your hiring should be based on your growth.... Also in the plan, what are your strengths..., weaknesses..., opportunities... in the next 5 years? And then, what are your threats..., what or who can stand in the way of you doing those things?”
  • (08:18) “Do you know who the target audience is? Can you actually solve their problem— do you even know what the problem is? Can you say their problem in a way in which they will then be able to understand it and say, 'Wow, I want to work with you!'”


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