(#299) Niche Up Your Service-based Business in 2023: Here's Why Now is the Time to Get Specific

Have you ever considered refocusing on a more specific target audience as you grow your business? Here’s why it’s time to niche up your service-based business.

Welcome to our first episode of 2023! Tune in as I share what types of content are coming up for you as I “niche up” and serve individuals who want to grow or scale their businesses. You'll learn why SIMPLE is my word of the year and more about the 3-step process I take to define and specify my target audience in 2023.

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  • (01:16) Word of the year 2023: SIMPLE
  • (07:22) 3 things I considered in niching up my business for 2023
  • (16:07) Contents to create for 2023
  • (17:15) What is the Intentionally Abundant Business Conference?


Standout Quotes:

  • (07:47) "One of the things that I had to ask myself was, what is it that I really want to capture— in terms of content— to serve my audience? And... the way that I answered that is, I want to be energetically-aligned..., I want to WANT to show up."
  • (16:19) "I am going to be creating content for individual business owners that want to grow or scale their business and have an abundant lifestyle; they are either a therapist..., a healer..., or... a service provider."


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