(#271) When is it Time to Expand Your Business?

What mindset, systems, and revenue did I consider before expanding my private practice to a group practice? What were the deciding factors for turning my 1-on-1 coaching programs into group coaching?

In this episode, I answer one of the questions from my community of therapists. Tune in as I walk you through some of the things I considered before expanding my mental health business to generate multiple streams of income.


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  • Featured question about private practice expansion (00:51)
  • Recognizing the vision (01:40)
  • Recognizing your current capacity (02:23)
  • Episode recap (07:03)


Standout Quotes:

  • "Once I realized that I was becoming burnt out from my own business..., I decided to slow down and say no to a whole lot of opportunities in which it didn't align with the person that I was becoming. I also realized that as soon as I made that decision, I reached a state of overflow… overflowing with clients, opportunities…, that are aligned with what I wanted to do." (04:27)


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