(#270) Upgrades in the Elite Coaching Mastermind Program

Where did ECM come from and how is it structured for therapists?

In this episode, I take you through the developments of the Elite Coaching Mastermind over the years— how it operated in its early stages and the improvements made to the program to support and teach therapists who want to expand their services beyond private practice. Tune in to learn more about ECM's major shifts and upgrades for the cohort of 2023. 


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  • How ECM started from a mere 1-on-1 to a developed group program (01:43)
  • ECM 2021 structure (05:11)
  • ECM 2022 structure & enhancements (10:20)
  • ECM 2023 to hyper-focus on group practice & service expansion (19:47)
  • Application process for the Elite Coaching Mastermind 2023 (22:19)


Standout Quotes:

  • "The whole goal of your business growing— then scaling over time— is that you want to surround yourself around people who you're on the same plain field with, and some of them are ahead of you so that you can see all of the possibilities." (10:05)


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