(#268) 10 Years in Private Practice Lesson #10: Giving To Abundance

“Helping others get what they want doesn’t only help them, but it moves us forward as well.” If you’re a therapist, you can surely relate to this statement as you play an active role in looking out for the betterment of other people. But how can being a giver truly transform your life?

Welcome to the series finale of my 10th anniversary in private practice! Celebrate with me as I share the major lessons learned over the last decade of running a prosperous solo and group practice.

In this episode, I share a lesson about how operating in your gift can lead you to the next level of abundance. Find out how giving back to your community can be impactful by sharing resources that foster growth and development. 


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  • Introduction: Have you always been a giver? (02:01)
  • Seeing another level of abundance when my WHY becomes bigger than me (03:34)
  • Operating in your gift will lead you to abundance (06:26)
  • Why you should sign up for the Dope Therapist Academy (07:59)


Standout Quotes:

  • "I don't believe that the business, in terms of profitability and abundance, just stops with us; it should go beyond us. For me, my first step is my family. But the next step is my community." (04:50)
  • "At the end of the day, I know that I am gifted ‘abundance’ because I'm operating in my gift." (07:15)


Resources Mentioned:



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