(#267) 10 Years in Private Practice Lesson #9: I Will Not Be Outworked

Got that competitive edge in you? Here’s why you should view yourself as your biggest competitor and what you can do to become the better version of a business owner than you were yesterday.

The party goes on for my 10th anniversary in private practice! Celebrate with me as I share the major lessons learned over the last decade of running a prosperous solo and group practice.

In this episode, I share a lesson about my philosophy on preventing yourself from being outworked and why you are your biggest competitor. You’ll hear some of my daily practices for personal development to become the best version of me in my business and personal life. You’ll also learn how to apply these actionable steps to grow personally and get 1% better every day.


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  • Introduction: Personal development for becoming my own hype woman (01:51)
  • You are your biggest competitor (05:47)
  • Going with the flow (07:30)
  • Be 1% better on a daily basis (09:39)
  • Sneak peek on the final episode for 10 years in Private Practice: Lessons Learned (11:36)


Standout Quotes:

  • "My goal at all times is to beat my competitors by being me.... If you feel like you're just copying what people are doing and you can't find you, you need to take some time away from that and find who you are and what you want." (04:25)
  • "I believe that I attract what I am. And I am a high-vibed individual and I believe that anybody who connects with me, you're going to the top— if you want. But I also want you to recognize that you are your biggest competitor, not the other people. You are your biggest competitor." (05:47)


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