(#266) 10 Years in Private Practice Lesson #8: Race Is Not An Excuse To Avoid Your Goals

Is race one of the top reasons you can’t go all-in on your business? Does it limit your potential where as a result, you can’t charge your worth? When race and scarcity mindset becomes a barrier to a successful business and lifestyle, here are some helpful tips and mindset shifts to learn.

The party goes on for my 10th anniversary in private practice! Celebrate with me as I share the major lessons learned over the last decade of running a prosperous solo and group practice.

In this episode, I share a lesson about how race shouldn’t excuse you from reaching your goals. You’ll learn about my journey of overcoming the discrimination I face as a person of color and why it didn’t stop me from showing up as a business owner in my private practice. You’ll understand the value of processing your emotions, forgiveness, and moving forward as steps to beat a mindset or money block.


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  • Introduction: Race should not be an excuse to keep you from winning (02:27)
  • Process your feelings and don’t bottle it up (04:27)
  • Learn to forgive and move forward (06:01)
  • Conclusion: Why race should not be a barrier for success (09:54)
  • Announcements for the bootcamp & DTA enrollment (14:02)


Standout Quotes:

  • "We teach our [therapy] clients how to talk it out..., but are you clearing out your baggage? Because the way that you show up in your business and your personal life will come to the light because that's the people that you will attract; what you are and how you act is what you will attract in your business and your personal life. So please note, your baggage will show up in your business whether you like it or not." (10:45)


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