(#264) 10 Years in Private Practice Lesson #6: Sometimes You Need to Process Alone

Sharing personal thoughts and feelings with our loved ones can help build stronger relationships. But there’s a season in our life when it’s best to process these things alone, especially when it involves making critical life decisions and choices.

The party goes on for my 10th anniversary in private practice! Celebrate with me as I share the major lessons learned over the last decade of running a prosperous solo and group practice.

In this episode, I share a lesson about the power of solitude. You’ll understand the importance of giving yourself time to reflect on whether you’re living a life true to you and your goals. You’ll also learn from the tips I use when feeling out of alignment, such as asking high-quality questions and being okay with not having the answers right away.


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  • Prosperous Private Practice Bootcamp and DTA: Special Announcements (01:12)
  • Introduction: Why it's sometimes best to process things alone (03:08)
  • Ask yourself high-quality questions (10:35)
  • It is okay to not have the answers right away (12:21)


Standout Quotes:

  • "Be okay with not having the answer right away. Sometimes when we process things— or we want to process things— we want the answer to come right then and there, and if it doesn't, we get anxious.... Then we make decisions that are not in alignment with what we want to do.... But I promise you, if you learn how to trust yourself and be patient, you will actually start to get answers sooner than you think." (12:24)


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